Grandpa Hino 3rd Sailor Moon Character Analysis
Hey guys this is been a long time coming my 3rd installment of my Sailor Moon Character Analysis this one will feature one of the non powerful characters or is he Rei’s Grandpa. This is as always my onw views and opinions on the character and does not reflect anything real concrete from the series or manga. While we do have Sailor Moon Crystal now I will be only doing the character analysis of the 90’s Classic Sailor Moon Anime.

Sit back and enjoy

We first see Rei’s Grandpa in the introductory episode where we first meet Rei Hino at her Hirakwa Shrine where she lives and works as a shrine maiden. Her grandpa can be seen many a times trying to get other girls to work for his shrine like he did with Serena/Usagi and therefore Rei usually fight with him because of his perverted ways.

Rei’s grandpa was one of the 7 Rainbow Crystal holders and therefore he turned against the Sailor Scouts when the seven Rainbow Crystal holders where getting to be recruited once again Rei stayed behind in order to protect her grandpa, what she did not know was the valiant strong fight he had against Zosite before she took his crystal. For someone with out “super power” he sure did have some great strength. Grandpa’s relationship with Rei is a beuatiful one and is one relationship I envy because my own relationship with either of my grandfather’s was not like their. You will often see Rei fuss over him and doing everything in her powers to protect him, a prime example of this was when Katzy went to the shrine and attacked him a fight Sailor Mars did by herself when Tuxedo Mask warned Sailor Moon to stay out of it.

In this way their beautiful relationship touches the hearts of all that watched this show for now and always.


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Well here is the beginning of my ever so slowly growing Sailor Moon Collection since 2014,
Ok this is my Sailor Venus wall scroll which is super nice because I absolutely love Sailor Venus, she’s one of my favorites if not the most favorite one.

This is a Card Captor Sakura poster, I would have also added my Madoka Magica one but I sadly don’t have that poster framed yet, but is ok because that means new stuff to be posted later on.
These are my Sailor Moon Manga Collection including the two Sailor Moon Short stories that I got for a Christmas present thanks to my BFF since High School. No not the full set of Manga’s just the short stories books but still thanks to her I finished the full set yay! Also thanks to my lovely boyfriend gifting me most of the Manga’s also I got to…

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I have made these Memes and Icons I might try to do more but this has been fun to make, I will be posting My Sailor Moon Collection soon as well11898711_1483563418627049_6814466072917372344_n


Here it is my second Character Analysis for Sailor Moon, as always these are just my own personal opinions and are not to be taken as all be all on the series.

I will be using both Dub and Japanese names to start with and then go on about it with whatever name I fancy, I hope you enjoy!

Ikuko/Serena’s Mom:

There’s a simple way to describe her and that is Motherly. For all that is worth Ikuko is a Mom all around and a Wife, but at the core she is a mom for that’s all she ever dreamed about being her whole life apparently as we find out later on in Sailor Moon Super S. Yes she scolds Serena and Sammy about their grades but that’s to be expected of a parent weather in Japan or not. If a parent truly cares for their child’s future they will hound them for their grades and over all school performance.

My favorite episode with Mom and Daughter was the one they took a family vacation in the first season where Ikuko started explaining the legend of the two lovers of the lake to Serena. That was a special moment indeed for the two.

Later on with Rini and Ikuko their relationship was adorable but the fact that a part of her mind remembered her after she had become Black Lady and brought the tea cup really said something.

I suspect that Ikuko does know something or has an inkling about Usagi/Serena being Sailor Moon but she rather block that notion and live in blissful denial.

With this I conclude this character analysis it’s rather short but we only have so much to go on with this character.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first official “Live Blog” Character Analysis/ Others, I know I’m totally excited to do this, is really something I have honestly been thinking about doing for quite some time now, with many different fandom’s and for many years, I tend to analyze things I watch, read,people,surroundings, experiences, you name it I’ve always been analytical so, with that being said here is the start of my “Live Blog” enjoy!

P.S. Depending on certain characters and my feelings towards them I will be either using their Dubbed names or their Japanese name, please take no offense both ways of their names will be on the post however once I start speaking about them I will refer to them with the name I favor most. Also I will refer to the girls as Sailor Scouts not Senshi for well I like the idea of Scouts more meh personal choice.

Also NOTE: Some spoilers might make it in the Live Blogs if you haven’t seen Sailor Moon Crystal, read the Manga or (because why really?) haven’t seen Classic Sailor Moon from the 90’s skip this hopefully it won’t ruin things for you if it appears in you feed.


When we first meet Molly she’s already at Juuban Municipal  Middle School along with Melvin/Umino and all the other classmates/friends of Serena/Usagi. I must admit I totally fell for Molly and she’s still to this day one of my number one favorite characters that is a non Scout, so that being said we find out that she’s Serena’s best friend since perhaps elementary school, that her mother has a jewelry store and that from what we can gather from not only that first episode but many others through out the seasons she’s an only child. So we expect the relationship between Serena and Molly to be that of sisters so to speak.

Molly is a kind,sweet, average girl, with the real desire to help people, though she only mentions wanting to become a nurse about the last time we ever do see her in the 90’s series ever again which is the Dream Arc, with Pegasus and Tiger’s Eye targets her and she wanting to help this “Guy” who is dying decide to “date him” because that’s just who she is.

On the surface Molly does not seem to offer much, not know much we just think well she’s Serena’s best friend and? But as time progresses we find out she does harbor deep feelings, though we think superficial are not at all but rather run real deep not just for her friends but her family and love interest as well. Molly is essentially the best friend we all wish we had while growing up , and I truly believe most everyone who’s ever watch Sailor Moon , read the Manga or has delved in watching Sailor Moon Crystal agrees on this and that how incredibly unfair  it is though we totally understand why, that Molly never gets to know from Serena herself, that she is in fact Sailor Moon, and the other girls are The Sailor Scouts. We do know from light comments or how Molly behaves in certain situations she does indeed know the truth about The Girls and Serena but of course keeps it to herself. Both in the Manga and Crystal she does say something along the lines “She is now part of a world I can never be part of”

In the 90’s dub  in season one after the girls act as if they’re disbanding and attack Sailor Moon and that fake reporter snaps pictures that Kunsite has sent out, that fake reporter tries to gather information on Sailor Moon and the girls because Molly was attacked at her store, yet again…and she just brushes her off not really saying anything and instead tells Serena to hurry up. Serena stares a bit at Molly but promptly fallows her friend to school with their winter coats on.

In these way I knew and I’m sure all knew that Molly always knew who Sailor Moon was/is along with the Scouts. Molly is a gossip but even though she is she would never put in any type of harm, her best friend or her best friend’s best friends in any way, thus she keeps quiet. And that alone deserves all the utmost respect imaginable.

So in essence Molly is that girl we all knew at one point or another in our lives, or where ourselves, that though cared for her best friend at the time did indeed get replaced by new “better” friends later on but was ok with it because all she wanted was her best friends happiness.

Now Molly’s real moment in all of the Series will always be her relationship with Neprhite the whole thing between them is an awe relationship. I know many people who are now of course older than when they first initially watched Sailor Moon from the 90’s now feel as though this relationship should never have been, and while I do completely understand where they are coming from the fact he;s clearly much older than her, and she’s only but 13-14 at best well it is to be sort of frowned upon however is not that horrible even though it is. Let me explain yes their age gap is huge, yes he is EVIL and yes she was putting herself in real risk of being abducted, raped, killed who knows and that in itself was a real lesson however that being said I do believe she did in fact fall in love with him, she didn’t even attend school for a whole week after he died, and her cries after he passed in her arms still to this day bring real tears to my eyes. I cry hard along with the other three girls. And in the end he fell in love with her as well, her love touched him in a way no one else had before and that it’s what’s so special about this particular relationship and I absolutely adore it.

I plan on making a very interesting Fanfiction involving these two, the scouts and finally Sailor Moon confessing to her Best Friend who she really is, now not sure how I’m going to do it because I do hate the Generals, if anything whom I really hate is Kunsite the others I’m ok with an because of Sailor Moon 90’s I adore Nephrite but that will be next year ; P

So Molly is someone we all can in a real way relate to, and I think in a lot of ways Naoko wanted a character we could see ourselves in that wasn’t really a Magical, Powerful Girl but just average and that’s ok, that is good and that is enough and while we may feel a bit outcast it does not mean our lives don’t have value and to those who love us unconditionally they will fight for us, be there for us and love us no matter what. I think that’s the powerful message of Molly to me she’s every girl in this world and I’m glad she’s the one that represents that.

With this I conclude my first “Live Blog” please comment, like, re-blog with your own comments added in, I hope you all liked it, stay tuned for more!

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I personally love Sailor Mars she’s just awesome spiritual and has an amazing fiery spirit no pun…

Ok I’m actually going to say something about Frozen 2 while I’m all gun ho about Disney finally having a Gay pairing for a Disney film I personally think that Elza should be the Single Strong Queen who’s Independent and Powerful! That’s just as inovative for Disney as her being a lesbian. Again nothing against her being a Lesbian but I much rather have one kickass indeppendent strong Queen! That’s just me not to mention she’s a good queen show girls that they can be alone with out a guy or girl and live perfectly happy healthy succesful lives! This notion that you need someone by your side to be someone or happy is not all there is or should be, have her be happy with herself because that will ultimately bring in her life someone who also sees her worth that she sees and feels in herself.

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